Friday, April 6, 2018

This last week we were at camping at French Beach which is located on the South-West end of the Island. We spent two nights there and marvelled at the beautiful scenery while doing some activities to take in Creation.

The first activity that we did as a group was a team building project. The students were divided into four groups and challenged to build something out of only the drift wood and other items they found on the beach. They then presented their masterpieces through a creative story or explanation.

On the second day of camping we drove ten kilometres down the road and hiked into Mystic Beach, which is known for its massive boulders and a waterfalls. When we arrived we started a campfire and roasted hot dogs for lunch along with chili, sautéed mushrooms, onions and most importantly... avocados! 

On Easter Monday, the students also had the opportunity to go on a small hike to Christie Falls near Ladysmith. 

This past week they were in the second half of their Camp and Youth Ministry class with Sid Koop, MA. This is their very last Class of the year and it was a very good class to end with as we go into the juniors retreat which all the students are going to be serving at, and is also good class to end with for many students who are looking forward to serving at camps this summer. 

Up Next and How You Can Be Praying

Pray that the students finish well as the program is coming to a close. Next week we have the our Closing Retreat (the last out-trip of the year) and then it is the Graduation weekend. Pray that they would be able to take in as much as they can while they are still within this community. Pray that they would be able to persevere and give it all as they wrap up their last assignments of the year. 

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