Saturday, March 24, 2018

The students are currently wrapping up their second last course of the year! In this past week they have enjoyed learning all about Paul and his letters through the guidance of Brian Westnedge, M.A., in their Pauline Epistles class. 

"Learning about Paul and the 1st century context from which he wrote has shown me even more deep and real aspects of my faith in the 21st century" - Josh Blanchette

Also on the Thursday before, we ripped up to Victoria to spend a morning sea kayaking! We were blessed with a beautiful sunny day to enjoy a nice two hour journey up and down the Victoria Harbour. 

Up Next and How You Can Be Praying

Next week we will be camping on Juan De Fuca straight at French Beach. Pray that we would have good weather and safe travels. Pray that beach camping would be a special time together for the students as this is the second last out-trip. Also continue to pray for the students in their studies as they are still finishing up assignments from previous classes. Pray that in this, God would give them a spirit of perseverance and discipline. 

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