Saturday, November 25, 2017

This past week the students have were in their 2nd last class of this semester, Introduction to The Old Testament, taught by Don Taylor, D.Th. Along with a writing a couple of papers and having a lot of reading, the students had been working at putting together a film encompassing the message of the Old Testament. Their video aired yesterday and all the Qwanoes staff came out to watch, laugh and celebrate the students hard work.

On the Thursday of this past week it was nice enough outside that Don took the opportunity to do a portion of class outside, so as to take in God's marvellous creation.

"For me class really began to come alive in the latter half. As I was gaining a much broader understanding of the Old Testament and where it was headed, I developed a deep appreciation for each of it's smaller intricate pieces." - Tyler Weatherly

Up Next and How You Can Be Praying

Were are currently in the final three weeks of the semester and you can be praying for our students as they work hard to wrap up all their school work for the semester. This next week for the students will be mostly dedicated to work on class assignments for past weeks and preparation as they gear up for Foundations in Church Ministry. Pray for the students that they would be effective in the time they have and that they would finish of this semester well. 

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