Friday, November 3, 2017

(Photo by Julia Hood)

In the past week the Students have been hard at work studying and preparing for the exam they wrote this past Tuesday for their class, Introduction to New Testament. Yesterday we drove up to Horne Lake Regional Park, to go exploring in the Horne Lake Caves! We had a guided tour of three caves which included a climb up a small waterfall section and some narrow squeezes. 
(Photo by Julia Hood) 

On the way home we had our first experience with snow on the Island. We stoped at Coombs on the drive back to camp, which was a good time to take in the winter experience and get a good hot chocolate or some warm Doughnuts. As well they had the chance to see the artsy side of the Island as there were a couple of pottery shops and a few other touristy type shops. 

 (Photo by Kaitlyn Willems)

(Photo by Kaitlyn Willems)

Up Next and How You Can Be Praying

In the Following week the Students will be in their Prayer and Leadership week. This will be a time in which their will be multiple leadership seminars equipping them to understand and know where they are at as His anointed servants, and how to best culminate that in their setting. As well this will be a time of continual prayer where the students will take shifts of prayer from Monday to Friday. You can pray for our students that this would be a special time for them and that they would genuinely grow in their servant like leadership. Pray for our students as well as they look forward to Love Crofton in the following week, and their Introduction to Old Testament class with Don Taylor, DTh, in the week after.   

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