Thursday, October 26, 2017

Introduction to New Testament!
This week the students are currently in class with Wes Olmstead, Ph.D., studying the New Testament. The students wrapped up their study of the Gospel of Mark yesterday and have moved on to Paul's letters today. 

This past weekend some of the students were serving here at camp in our Junior's retreat. Students had the opportunity to serve in all different areas of camp including counselling, kitchen, dish room, and program support. It was cool to see our students give of themselves so freely to a bunch of 8 to 11 year olds. 

Coming Up Next Week

This next week on Tuesday the students will be writing their exam for Introduction to New Testament. Also next week on Thursday we will be going caving! Hopefully the caves won't be flooded like there were at this time last year. In addition, students are gearing up for Love Crofton. Fingers crossed that they will have lots of opportunities to serve in our community. 

How You Can Be Praying

You can be praying for our students as they are currently in the most academically challenging class of this semester and they have much to do to prepare for their exam next week. You can also be praying for the students as they get things organized for Love Crofton, that they would be learning how to be good leaders as they prepare. You can pray for us as we go caving that our students would have courage to move outside of their comfort zone, that they would do hard things. Lastly, as always you can pray for safety on our out-trip. 

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