Saturday, October 21, 2017

This past week the students finished off the first half of their Camp and Youth Ministry class with Sid Koop. Class went from Monday to Wednesday and Sid will be back in the New Year to finish off the second half of this class. Along with being in class this past week days the Students were also gearing  for class next week.

Along with class this past week the students were also gearing up for Love Crofton. Love Crofton is a service the students offer to the community of Crofton in partnership with Warmland Community so as to show the Love of Christ in their community. This looks like raking leaves, cleaning gutters, chopping firewood an so on. This will take place in two weeks from now but this week the students were handing out flyers so as to let everyone know so that the community can take advantage of their service. 

Coming Up Next Week and How You Can Be Praying

In the Following week the students will be in class taking Introduction to The New Testament with Wes Olmsted. This class will be one of the heavier classes the students take so you can be praying for them as they prepare with recourse work. As well you can be praying that the knowledge obtained in this class would would resonate in their hearts. Also you can be praying for the students as some of them are currently serving this weekend retreat with the Juniors Retreat. Pray that God would give them energy as they work with these kids and that even in this short weekend that they might be able to make an impact on these kids lives.

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