Wednesday, September 27, 2017

A Special Message from Kaléo 2017 Award Winner (Last Year's Class) 

When I used to think of ministry, my mind immediately associated it with a task. That thought of ministry is action oriented such as; feeding the homeless, looking after kids or going to another country to serve. But something I have learned is, ministry needs to start elsewhere. Ministry is not so much a task but genuinely loving those around you. Ministry is having God’s love pour through you for others to see and experience. When you genuinely love, all these other things start to fall into place as you desire to express your love in tangible ways. 

While we were in Mexico the locals mentioned a number of times how much they enjoyed having our group from Camp Qwanoes come every year. They thanked us for not only serving them, but serving alongside them - interacting through friendly discussions at meal times, playing games with their children during free times and working with them on the job site in a way that encouraged community. 

You can do ministry in a way that is highly productive, only accomplishing a lot of tasks OR you can work hard and love hard. To be effective in ministry you need to have the love of Christ first. Everything else will follow after that if you actually take the time to imagine  what that can and should look like.

- Vince Hunter 

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