Friday, September 22, 2017


Just one week has gone by and yet this so much has happened in the way of the relationships that are being formed here. The first few days of the program have been loaded with orientations and learning about what life as a student in the Kaléo Program looks like. Even though this at first may have probably been a little bit overwhelming it is incredible to see how the students are settling in and learning to be comfortable and trust one another. 

The Students first full day of camp was a special day for them to have the ability to connect with all the Qwanoes staff. The students and Staff were introduced to their Qords, which is simply a intentional connection between a student and staff member to give, be a support and encourager to one another. This is both an opportunity for students to be poured into as well as an opportunity for them to be leaders and seek to initiate the building of these relationships. On this first full day the students and staff also played to community building games and had a beach party down at the qwanoes dock. This was time for the students to again get to know the staff as well as get to see enjoy some of what Qwanoes has to offer as far as activities. 

(The Staff and Students getting to know each other playing some games on the field) 
(A couple of the Students taking the Zip-line down to the Jet Stream) 

(The Students playing on the Aquapark at the Beach party) 

This past weekend the Students have already been thrown into the action already been thrown into the camp's ministry serving in the challenge course at a weekend retreat. They learned Friday evening and Saturday morning how to belay children on the ropes courses and climbing wall and by Saturday afternoon were serving in this capacity for Village Church Youth retreat.

(The Students getting their Challenge Course Orientation) 

We Have already gone on our first adventure! On Monday morning we set out on our three day backpacking trip to climb Mt. Albert Edwards. Unfortunately on the second day our trip the day we were to summit, on top of the mountain it was a blizzard so we were forced to a  day hike to lake at a lower elevation. Despite not being able to summit however it was incredible to see the relationships that were being built at this time and how even though the weather conditions were not ideal the students took this as an opportunity to really build into the community that they are apart of. At the Edge of the lake Shane unpacked this years theme 'We The Anointed.' There we anointed one another with oil as representation of what God is already done and doing in our lives. 

Coming Up

This coming weekend the Students will be serving for an afternoon during the Trinity Western Retreat here at camp. In the following week the Students will be in their first class Spiritual Theology as well as attending the Island Youth Workers Conference. 

How You Can Pray For Our Students

You can be praying for the students as they are entering into their first College class of the year. For most of them this will be a new experience and moving into a new level of academics can be a difficult transition. Pray that this class would feed into their own spiritual discipline. Pray that students would continue to build relationships that go deep with one another as it is still quit early in the year. Pray that they would learn lots at the Island Youth Workers Conference and that it would feed into the current camp and church ministry they are involved in.

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