Thursday, September 28, 2017

Earlier this week the students began their first Briercrest course of the program year. The class, Introduction to Spiritual Theology taught by Cal Macfarlane, Ph.D.,  is all about what it means to be formed by the Spirit through His work in their lives and through the word of truth, the Bible. 

This means that amidst all the classroom time the students have enjoyed this week, they also have been spending a lot of time in contemplation and reflection. Included in this is a silence & solitude retreat which began this morning. The students have entered into a time in which they will take the next 24 hours to be alone, away from all the voices of everything else around them, to fast, pray and focus on His voice. On Friday morning they will break the fast with the breaking of bread and once again enjoy each others company to grow and edify one another. 

Coming Up

On Saturday the students will be attending the Island Youth Workers Conference, which will be an opportunity for the them to grow in their abilities to minister to the youth and children in their churches and at camp. On Monday of next week, we will be embarking on our trip out to the West Coast of Vancouver Island to surf the beautiful beaches of Tofino. Hopefully we will be able to shred some gnarly waves! 

How You Can Be Praying For Our Students

Pray for our students as they wrap up their first class. Pray that what they are learning and practicing this week would continue to impact them throughout the following year and the rest of their lives as they continue on their spiritually forming journey. Pray that the Island Youth Workers Conference would be a time in which the students grow in their ministry capacity. Pray for safety on our surf trip and just the ability to soak it all in. Pray for them in their relationships with one another, that as they get to know the other students better they would be able to go deep and go past what is comfortable and be able to push each other on in their faith journey.

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